Join us on Sunday mornings

10:30 a.m. Steveston

The Nikka Building, 3551 Moncton Street

In 1989 a local congregation was formed to reach the unique community of Steveston.  In 2016 this congregation merged with Ladner Christian Fellowship (now known as Lighthouse Church) to share resources and increase the opportunities for impact on the Steveston Village.  

Lighthouse Church Steveston is the local campus in Steveston Village. Our Sunday mornings are built around the values of experiencing community and equipping people to live well Monday through Saturday. Because of this, not every Sunday is what you might call a 'typical' Sunday morning service:



The first Sunday of every month is closer to what you might call a regular church service- we have a time of worship together before hearing a message. However, it may feel a bit closer to walking into a friend's house than walking into a large sanctuary; the room is small but the environment is warm!


This is a nice week for any coffee lovers. On the second Sunday of every month, we start in the normal gathering space for a short time of worship before breaking off into small groups and heading to coffee shops around Steveston for a time of devotions. It's a fantastic time to really dig into the word, make connections, and encourage one another- and it all happens over a cup of coffee.


Back to that 'regular' church service! The third Sunday of every month has the exact same format as the first.


On the fourth Sunday of every month, we have a meal together. We take this time to really focus on fellowship; celebrating with one another, encouraging one another, and partaking in communion as a church family. Bring an appetizer if you can, and if you can't, don't worry about it! Plenty of food, coffee, and conversation to go around.

However, Sundays are only a small part of Steveston campus’ “life-together.”


Small Groups

We, along with our Ladner campus, encourage small groups and other events throughout the week to keep people engaged with one another and the world around them. You can check out more of what you can get involved with at our engage small groups page, or at our equip small groups page! 


The Lighthouse Steveston campus is also home of the HUB. The HUB runs a variety of programs throughout the week in collaboration with other community members and churches. For more information, check out their Facebook page here.