9:30am, 5545 Ladner Trunk Road

Our services are completely in person and online, with live worship, kids' ministry, and a live message! We are so excited to be able to welcome you into our space and experience the presence of God together.

It's a come as you are environment.  This is not a gathering of perfect people but rather a group of people all at different places on their spiritual journey.  Some are exploring Christ while others have a strong and mature faith. Some are vibrant in their worship while others are reflective and still. Wherever you are spiritually, you're invited.

Our service starts at 9:30AM. We hope to see you there! 


Same sermon and features as our on-site service but tailored to the digital gathering.  We go live on Facebook at 9:30 a.m. every Sunday.  You can find our service using the button below or searching @lighthouse.ladner in Facebook.

Go to our Facebook page Read more about our switch to Facebook

What should I wear?

Dress casually- whatever makes you comfortable! It's kind of like going to the mall where you see some in jeans, some in shorts and sandals while others are sporting a nice suit and tie. Point is, it doesn't matter.  

Just come.

What should I expect for worship?

In our tradition we embrace the heart and passion of our relationship with Christ and it is reflected in our worship style. You will see people raising their hands, clapping, maybe even a little shuffle here and there. You'll also see plenty of people who are just standing quite still or just taking it all in, so don't worry, you can engage in the singing and worship as little or as much as you feel comfortable.

We value the person and work of the Holy Spirit and we believe that He is active in guiding and directing our lives.  So when we come together in worship there is also a sense that we are listening to God as much as we are proclaiming his praises.  This may be in evident in the way we linger between songs or the spontaneous message given by one of the members (called a 'prophetic' word).  The leaders of the church are always careful, however, to ensure that everything is done decently and in order.

What about my kids?

For parents, you can decide to have your child stay with you in the auditorium for the duration of the service, or go and join our volunteers in the children's ministry program. Kids are typically released after the worship. For those with babies, we have a nursery available for use  which still allows for full visibilty and hearing of the service.

We also have a Parent's RESOURCE page which provides a host of resources and activities for you to try at home, throughout the week!