Lighthouse Church's mission has been and always will be to extend the ministry of Jesus Christ and help people discover the fullness of life in God.  People are trying to figure out their spiritual life and we believe we can help.

     Our story begins over 70 years to when a small group of people began meeting together and prayed that God would send them someone who would teach and preach the full gospel. Rev. George Wright came from Vancouver in 1938 and was the first official pastor of this small fellowship. In the early 50′s the PAOC became involved via the sending of Miss Lois Robinson (daughter of E.W. Robinson) and Stella Mercy who were Bible college graduates looking for ministry opportunity. In 1952 the PAOC helped to buy the old bakery on the corner of Trunk and Lindens Rd and renovate it for holding services.

     In 1967 the current building was dedicated after the hard work of Lewis Vath who ended up acting as pastor of the church for a number of years. Over the years the Church has been served by numerous pastors with some longer tenures by Bruce Dowbush (78-87) and James Potter (97-05).

     The Church has been called Ladner Evangelistic Center, Ladner Pentecostal Assembly and most recently Ladner Christian Fellowship. Lighthouse Church is an independently run church under a board of directors elected at an annual meeting and registered with the province as a charitable society. Through a long standing relationship it is affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC) for accountability and greater effectiveness in global missions.

     On July 1st, 2016 Lighthouse Church entered into a formal agreement with the PAOC church in Steveston to become ONE Church in mission on TWO sites.  A chance to expand and grow the effectiveness of local community ministry and set the tone for a fruitful future for LCF - In Ladner, Steveston and beyond. Shortly after this expansion we re branded and changed our name from Ladner Christian Fellowship to what we are now known as, Lighthouse Church.