We take our core beliefs from the pages of the bible and the story that it unfolds.  We believe that various authors over a large timespan contributed to the formation of the bible but that overall it has been a project carefully inspired by and overseen by God himself.  It is not 'our' idea of God but his revelation of himself to us.  This holy bible reveals a loving God who designed us after his own image, created us, and cares for us.  It reveals also the tragedy of how humanity broke faith with God and created an unrepairable rift in the relationship.  Most of the bible is a story of how God has been at work in repairing this damage and creating a way to restore his plan and our relationship.   The key and central aspect was sending the son, Jesus, to be born into humanity and to die as one of us for the payment of humanity's disobedience.  His success was demonstrated by his resurrection from death and his return to heaven.  The Church (of which we are but one small local expression) is the legacy of Jesus and the agent through whom the message and importance of his success is being shared to people throughout the world.  We believe the Holy Spirit is at work to empower believers and to oversee the task of making Jesus known.  We believe that a time is coming soon when Jesus will return from heaven to escort all his followers to heaven to be with him there forever.

A detailed statement of our beliefs is held in common with the many other churches in Canada who make up the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada and we welcome you to check it out and engage us with any questions you may have.

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