Thanks for you interest in taking out membership with us.  This packet contains information that will help you to make an informed decision.  The process - from initial interest to final approval - is as follows.

  • Review this page about our Vision & Mission.
  • Review this page about our History
  • Review our Doctrinal beliefs including a visit to the PAOC page listing the full statement.
  • Review the attached Membership Application form (No need to fill it out yet)
  • E-mail the church once you've completed this and someone will contact you to set up a personal orientation meeting and answer any questions you may have.
  • After the orientation meeting you can fill out the application and submit it to the office.

Once an application has been filled out it is sent to the board along with a pastoral reference for their approval.  Once approved someone will contact you and explain how it will be announced to the other members.