At a Lunch and Learn event sponsored by the Lighthouse Church Pastoral Care Lead Team, the topic of helping loved ones through the tough issues of end of life care.   These resources were presented and made permanently available through this resource page.  Please note that this is not intended to be a professional or comprehensive support for major decision but it is hoped that the resources it points toward will be helpful.


Fraser Health video:   Who would speak for you if you couldn’t speak for yourself.

General Notes from the session to those caring for an aging loved one:

  1. You are the greatest advocate for your loved ones.
  2. You are in the best position to have the conversation.
  3. You need to be aware of the resources that are available to you.
  4. You need to ensure that as things progress someone is with your loved one through the various appointments.

External resources:

——  The Conversation Project

Youtube story from ABC



The Conversation Project provides a starter kit to help guide people in walking through the process of having the conversation about end of life matters.


—————  Care Conversations Website

Video on the issue of “Does my elder need care?”

Video of Bobby Winston sharing how he was surprised that he could start the question and she was ready to talk…


————   BC GOV’t has lots of info on its section on seniors.

This is a site referring to Substitute Decision-Making

Fraser Health uses a document to help guide them in their treatment should you become unable to make the decisions.  M.O.S.T. (Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment) website from Fraser Health Authority outlines their practice and policy.

 BC Government has a website page detailing advance planning for senior care.  Including a document entitled, "My Voice" and it is extremely helpful and relevant to living in BC.


Other Contact Points:

Seniors advocate    "Information for Seniors"    1-877-952-3181

Fraser Health

  • Home Health Community Centre:  Beside the City Hall.  Go there and ask questions in person or get resources.
  • Home Health Service Line:   Fraser Health.   1.855.412.2121     Call for any question at all.  They’ll direct you.