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As of January 7th, 2021 the vaccines are being rolled out across our province and a new year brings new hope for emerging out of this pandemic.   We do anticipate the state of emergency being lifted at some point but the dates are unknown at this point.

Our rough strategy for emerging from the restrictions... (to be updated as it is refined)

Sunday services in Ladner will continue to be at 9:30 via Facebook with live hosting and pre-recorded elements.  The pastoral staff will begin working with various leaders and members throughout the spring on creating the return to regular gatherings.  However, we have learned a lot through this crisis and we will take great care to seek God and wisdom to reenvision our Sunday services for a new day and a new generation.

Discipleship has always been prioritized as a small group activity and training will begin this spring on the Discovery Group format as an effective way to help people listen to and obey God in the power of the Spirit.

Other ministies and gatherings will be developed and promoted as the restrictions lift.  From our excercise classes to worship nights - there will be chances to gather together again soon.

Stay tuned on this post for more updates as we develop our strategies.