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The Connect Team is looking to recruit a team of 'connectors' to increase the capacity for care and connection within our church family.   Connectors are members or regular attenders who have a talent/gift for connecting with people and love to build bridges.  Connectors will work under the direction of the Connect team and in partnership with the Small Group Leaders.  The focus will be on those who are new to our church family and those who are not currently connected to a small group with the intention of ensuring they are being well served by our church.

Ligthhouse Church believes that Disciples (our church members) are people who listen to and obey Jesus in the power of the Spirit and as such, are fully able to care and connect with others without direction and support from the church office.   However, we also recognize that administration and leadership are also gifts of God and can be used to support the organic care and connection that is already happening.

If you would like to know more about this volunteer opportunity please contact one of the team members listed below or contact the church office using the button above.

Your Connect Team:  Pastor Danny Stebeck, Vanessa Morrel & Sergio Ferreira