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Back in the time of ancient civilizations there was this guy, Jeremiah (not a bull frog) who was called upon by Jehovah God to warn the people that about their behaviour. The many sermons he preached and encounters he had were compiled by his assistant and collated into the book of the Bible called by his name.  Over the first quarter of 2020 join us here at Lighthouse Church as we journey with this prophet and discern lessons for our situations.  
Some of themes we will work through include…
Jeremiah 1 and the call of a young man who feels under qualified.
Jeremiah 2 and the two-fold grievance that God had then and, quite frankly, still often has with us!
Jeremiah 7 concerning Jeremiah’s brazen sermon at the Temple gates.
Jeremiah 12-15 on how to cope with emotional pain
Jeremiah 29 and the beautiful promise of God and his plans for us!
Come join us and listen live but if you can’t make it out click on over to our sermon page and listen online.