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One of our great thrills is to see people from Lighthouse Church going out beyond the borders of our community to minister to others in Jesus' name.  Our Global Connections Team would love to support you in your trip.   We have a short form that you can fill out to let us know about your trip and to request support from us as needed.

Our support comes in several options:

  1. Full Support:   If the team is organized by our Church leadership and the trip itself has been approved by the Global Connections Team then you will receive direction from your trip leader as to how you can fundraise amongst our members.
  2. Financial Support:   We welcome people to ask the Global team for financial support.  If we have money available we are happy to help and at times maybe even collect a special offering.
  3. Promotional Support:  If the trip is in keeping with the standards and expectations which govern our Global Connections team then you may be granted promotional support meaning that you can approach people and ask for support, have your trip advertised in the congregation, and possibly even have donations received through our giving system.  Use of our giving system will be coordinated by the team and specific instructions will be given.
  4. Prayer Support:  For all of our members going on a trip we would love to engage in prayer support.  Many of our members have all their funding in place and do not require direct assistance but we would be happy to have you fill out the form and request prayer support.  The Global Team will include you in our prayer initiatives.

Please go to our CCB Form to share the details of your trip with us and request support.