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During this COVID-19 pandemic we have seen a great need to RESET.  Some of these needs have been forced upon us and others are opportunities that have been created.  Part of our RESET is to make some improvements in our facility at Ladner for a better experience.

  • Renew the Lobby.   Paint the walls, change the look and feel.  Make it more modern and more inviting.
  • Improve our digital capabilities.  People prepare the content that encourage and bless you but it is technology that delivers it to your home.  We jumped into things using whatever was at hand but now we need to strengthen the foundation of this equipment.  New computer for making media, camera and accessories.
  • Refresh the projection capabilities in the auditorium with the addition of 2 large TV's.  Projects make things big but they don't display details well.  With an increase use of pre-recorded videos, testimonies, reports, etc., the resolution and quality will greatly enhance the experience for participants.

We would love your financial help with this.  In order to keep our finances lean and trim during this time we would like to see this project funded through special gifts over and above the tithes. We'll need $6000 to fund this project, and we would love to have your contribution. If you want to donate towards the project, click the "donate" button on the top right of the page, and mark its designation as "RESET".