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One of the areas we wanted to engage our church family was for intentional prayer throughout the summer.  The enemy never lets up so we must be ever on our guard as well.  We would love everyone to consider hosting a get together of a few people as a picnic outing, backyard BBQ, or any other format you fancy.  But within this event you invite your friends to pause for 20 minutes and pray.   Obviously, you'd let your friends know that your event includes a prayer time but people love to do things with purpose and meaning and a prayer time offers that.  Once you figure out the what, when and initial 'who' of your picnic then register your event online.   If it is an 'open' event then we'll advertise in our bulletin.  If it is a 'closed' event we will register it in the office but we won't advertise it.   In either case, we will send you a few prayer items for your consideration a few days before your event.  Included will be a global worker.    Have fun with this and just go for it.  :)