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PHASE 2 UPDATE: May 24th, 2020

We are processing through the safety requirements for allowing live gatherings and hope to have it as an option soon.  For the forseeable future, streaming our service will continue to be our primary effort.  Stay tuned for news on an adjustment to our ministry plans soon.


PHASE 1 (As published in March)

As you are no doubt aware the provincial government has imposed some restrictions on gathering in order to combat the COVID - 19 pandemic for our region.  So instead of all coming to the Lighthouse building on Sunday we are encouraging you to participate in our service broadcast on our Youtube Channel. Contrary to previous instructions we no longer encourage small groups to meet together but we do feel that it is safe for families and people to use their wisdom in knowing what manner of gathering is possible to share this experience.  We do want you to follow the much promoted practice of social distancing.

Question:  Does this include Steveston?

NO!  Steveston is part of our Lighthouse governance but it sets its own agenda for its gatherings and Pastor Nick will advise the Lighthouse Church Steveston on their plans.

Question:  How do I stream the service??

Using your smart TV, ROKU device, Apple TV, etc., you can go to YOUTUBE and search for "Lighthouse Church Ladner"  or <<click HERE>>.   You will see all of our posted videos but the latest should be near the top. You are looking for the one labeled with the appropriate Sunday date.

Question:  Can I share this with my friends?

Absolutely.  Once you find the service on Youtube you can follow their buttons for sharing or copy the URL and paste into your favourite communication app.

Question:  Is it going to be a regular service?

Sort of.  :)  Being a streaming event there will be less opportunity for live interaction so a few elements will be added to create a great experience for your gathering.  But there will be teaching & music & we know you can't do without a few good announcements :).   

Question:  It's spring break and we weren't going to go to church anyway!  Does that mean we have to watch it?

It is the time of year when people like to get away but we will make the assumption that you are excited that you can have your cake and eat it too!  You can enjoy something on Spring break AND still connect to your local church.  Perhaps even if is later in the day as a family when you get back from your little day trip (cause we know you aren't travelling too far in these conditions! :). 

Question:  What's the sermon going to be about?

Glad you asked!  :)  I thought that I'd take advantage of the stresses of this situation to take a good look at the NT teaching on "The Church".   So I'm preparing a 3 part series to explore why it is so resilient, powerful, and influential.  I trust by the end of it you'll have a much deeper and richer appreciation for God's beautiful masterplan.