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We are happy to have the kids attending here at on Sundays.  The options are to have them registered with you in the service (choose Main Auditorium on the registration form) or in their own separate ministry room (choose kids ministry room on the registration form).

Currently we are providing ministry and supervision for our Totzone & PowerZone groups.  Babies and small toddlers are welcome in the main auditorium and the spatial distancing means that there is ample room for the kids to crawl or move about around you.  The mother's room is also available.


  • Register your children using the "kids ministry room" option
    • Add their names so we know who is coming
    • Do your best to register by Friday so we can plan accordingly.
    • If they are staying with you in the auditorium please use "main auditorium" when registering
  • Check in the kids first at the Totzone Front Exterior doors.
    • If weather permits we will ask the parents to remain outside the room when dropping off.
    • All ages check in at this entrance.
  • Kids will be asked to remove their shoes and go wash their hands first thing.
  • Kids nor parents can move between the main worship auditorium and the kids room unless the total in the entire building is less than 50 patrons.  Workers will know this number when you drop off.
  • Pick up is at the same entrance again at the conclusion of the main service.


  • If your child is sick then please do not attend.  Exemptions for pre-existing conditions must be obtained from Lisa or Brittany in advance (ie: allergies).
  • All kids will be asked to wash their hands immediately on arrival and at various times throughout the hour as needed.
  • Outdoor shoes are not permitted in the room
  • The room will be sanitized in advance of the kids arrival.
  • Toys will be available in a limited capacity and will be cleaned before and after use.
  • Small class sizes will allow for appropriate spatial distancing
  • Masks will NOT be required

Please Note:  As the children's minstry area has a completely separate entrance and washroom from the main auditorium we are able to still count 50 patrons in the main auditorium.  This means, however, that children and parents cannot interact physically once the service has begun.   The only exception is if the aggregate total in attendance that morning does not exceed 50.