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Position: Fund-raising Coordinator 

Lighthouse Church is a local church working in South Delta for over 50 years.  It is well known for its service to the community in the facilitation of the South Delta Food Bank and the CreationStation Daycare.  Lighthouse Church aims to establish its future for an even greater service to the community through the building of a new facility to house the Food Bank program, the Daycare, the addition of an infant/toddler centre and many more ministries. 

We are looking for an enthusiastic, task-minded, team leader who would love an opportunity to galvanize people around a great cause and help us raise money for our new community-oriented building project.   The successful candidate would work part time for 4-6 months beginning early 2022. Responsibilities include developing a fundraising team, applying for grants, reaching out to the South Delta Community and sharing the story of how Lighthouse Church will make a difference.  The candidate would not need to be a member of Lighthouse Church but will need to demonstrate alignment with its core values & goals. Interested candidates should e-mail a CV with cover letter indicating their interest and how they believe they would be a good fit for this role.  Application review process will begin January 15th, 2022.   Please send with subject line “Job posting”