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Join us this year as we once again put together some gifts of love into a little shoe box and send it off to our friends at the Villages of Hope in Zambia.  

It's an easy and simple way to encourage a student who has not had a very easy life.

1. Pick up a box from Ladner Church

2. Read over the items that you must, could and cannot purchase.

3. Make a nice little note for whoever will receive the box

4. Pack it all into the box

5. Decorate the box (optional)

6. Donate $5 or more to the BOL designation online (use 'donate' button above) or put the cash in the box.

7. Bring it back to the Ladner Church by Wednesday, October 30th. [Please note that you are free to take it to CLA Church in Langley up till November 3rd]