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It's that time again when we seek the membership's input on the board election process.  For a review of our process and how it works please watch the enclosed video.  Otherwise use the link below to submit your recommendations to the nominations team.

The Nominations team for this year is:  Pastor Danny Stebeck, Phil Firth, Sharon Hogg, Steve Morrel & Heather Saip.  You are free to talk to them regarding your thoughts but this team will not meet until after the nomination ballots close on December 1st.

To submit your recommendations online <<Click Here>>

This year Lisa Clarke, Jason Elliot & Lily-Mae O'Dowd are completing 2 year terms.  Phil Firth, Dave Rutsch, Doug Wilkinson & Erwin Flores are in the middle of their 2 year terms and will continue to serve through 2020.