Not long ago, a neighbour dropped off a beautiful, freshly baked apple pie to Pastor Andreas Basson (Life Church here in Ladner).  It was such a blessing that he got the vision to see hundreds of people blessed with a fresh baked apple pie this Christmas for no other reason than to make them feel loved and appreciated.

The last few years Life Church (formerly Pneuma) has done something nice for people under the social media tag #lovepeople.  The apple pie project is the heart of the plan this year and furthermore, they are inviting other churches to be a part of the campaign.  This year, Lighthouse Church is going to receive 50 of the pies - nicely packaged and ready for us to bake and give away.  

We are looking for 50 people to take a pie and go bless someone.  No financial obligations at all.  Life Church has gifted them to us.

If you want to help look for a needs list to come out soon where you can 'claim a pie".  Then bake and #lovepeople.