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Each week as we begin 2020 we will highlight a theme for prayer for the week..
  • JAN 5:   Prayer Focus: Your relationship in Christ
    • Please pray this week that your personal capacity to know God will expand.  Allow God to review your life and point out any issues that HE feels you should be addressing in 2020.  As you make New Year’s Resolutions may they be in tandem with what you are hearing from God.
  • JAN 12:   Prayer Focus:  Your Personal Engagement in Mission
    • Please pray this wee that your personal engagement in God’s mission would grow more fruitful in 2020.  Your ability to Pray for others with faith, to invite boldly, to share your personal story of faith and to effectively communicate God’s word.  Think of the people that God is putting in your life and into your heart.  
  • JAN 19:   Prayer Focus:  Our corporate experience with God.
    • Please pray that our gatherings as God’s family will be anointed with with the presence of His Spirit.  This includes the Home Group meetings, the discipleship events, the Youth meetings and of course our Sunday worship experience.  
  • JAN 26:  Prayer Focus:  Our outreach efforts with God.
    • Please pray that wherever and whenever we partner up to do something for God that it will be blessed by his guidance and his power.  That our outreach to others through the Food Bank, the Daycare, the ministry at Dockside, and various events at Steveston and Ladner will be  fruitful.  That we will see the joy of many people baptized in water this year as they come to newfound faith in Christ.