Update regarding the tax receipts....

Receipts are now going out.  If you need help understanding the new format of the receipts please do not hesitate to call Sharon at the office.  The main box (1) outlines the list of your donations through 2018.  Use this to compare against your records or your goals.   The Summary box (4) sub-totals all the donations according to how you designated them and the TOTAL of your summary box is the amount you would record in your 2018 income tax forms. 



Original post of December 2018

As a community of Christ-followers, giving is not simply about providing money to meet a need.  Giving is one of the core spiritual disciplines.  Giving not only reflects the generous, unselfish nature of our God but it acts as a spirtual discipline in helping us to draw closer in our relationship to God.  Simultaneously, these financial contributions are God's way of providing for the expenses of the local Church.  Additionally, our government encourages the generosity of its citizens by allow for tax benefits to be claimed when submitting our tax forms.  

Therefore please note that...

  • your donations are of great help to us in meeting our budget.
  • review your giving habits and see if you 'owe the Lord' anything.
  • If you want a tax receipt for your giving for the 2018 tax year then your donation MUST be received by December 31st.

If you have any questions about giving to the Lord via the local church then please don't hesitate to contact our office.