The young adults and Lighthouse church meet regularly on Sundays services to enjoy some good, God-centered discussion and some fun, people-centered times! We wanna connect with young adults to create a socially and spiritually supportive community. As such, we have a rotating schedule with something new every week!

There's more info below, but if you don't wanna read through all of that, you can just contact Abrielle Winsor or Auston Buffaloe for details! Or just show up. We take walk in's:)



1st Sunday of every month


Social: games

The first Sunday of every month is a game-focused day. We’ll be in Ladner for the church service in the morning, starting at 9:30am. After the service, we take care of lunches independently (aka not a group meal, sorry) and then meet up again after lunch to play some games and hang out!

"What questions?" you may be whispering to yourself quietly...

I’m so glad you asked.

All sorts of games- any you like! Some favourites include, Mafia, Super Smash Bros. (Ultimate, of course), Mario Kart, and more! Always open to suggestions and new games:)


2nd Sunday of every month


Spiritual focus: coffee shop Bible study

The second Sunday of every month is a unique type of service in Steveston. We’ll meet in Steveston for a short time of worship before breaking off and going to a coffee shop for drinks and a devotional time to dig into God’s word. Note that this is the service that is happening at Steveston on the second Sunday of every month, and young adults will not be meeting up for anything after the service. Consider it a piggy-backing, of sorts.

3rd Sunday of every month


Social: bad movie 

We watch a movie so good it’s bad, or so bad it’s good.

Similar to the first Sunday in Ladner! Service, independent meals, meet-up.Come ready to laugh and/or cry.

4th Sunday of every month


Spiritual focus: meal, then coffee shop Bible study

The fourth Sunday of every month is a potluck with the church family at Steveston! For young adults, we’ll be joining in the potluck service (you can see the Steveston page online for more details), then we’ll be heading out to a nearby coffee shop for another time of spiritual focus. At the moment, we’re working through the book of Isaiah- it’s a nice time for some reading, some conversation, and lots of coffee! (or tea, if you’re one of those people)