At Lighthouse Church doing missions has been a part of our DNA since the beginning.  The PAOC was formed under a strong desire to cooperate for a more effective global witness.  The Lighthouse vision is to "make a difference in our community with Christ's message of hope" and we like to remind people that our community is a global community. The Global Connections Team is a small group of Lighthouse Church members who work to connect the local members with the global partners and their work and vice-versa.  Our goal:

  • Help Lighthouse Church members to personally CONNECT and be aware of our partners and their work.
  • Provide opportunities for Lighthouse Church to PRAY for people and needs that arise.
  • Facilitate the desire for our members to GIVE financial support in both commitments to our partners budgets as well as to various projects.
  • Encourage and assist people to GO out from the walls of our local community into the global work through short term missions trips or even in answer to a life-long calling.

Q. How Can I Give?

A. Use the giving envelopes at the church and mark an amount in the designation labelled "Missions".   Or for specific projects listen for the identifying code name and use that to label your gift.

Q. How Can I Help Pray?

A.  Subscribe to our global concerns e-mail newsletter and you'll be sent an update approximately once a month as well as any urgent needs that come to our attention.