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The third weekly blog!! This week, we have a short devo from Danny and a couple more resources highlighted for you- including a new, and wonderful, Sunday school curriculum!

Danny's Devo

Who's looking at you, kid?

This past week Lisa was checking out the various family resources and she came across a video note from Dr. Tim Kimmel of Family Matters Ministry and author of "Grace Based Parenting."  He told the story of a family who were hunkered down in a shelter because of a dangerous weather event and noted that while the parents were looking out at the weather the kids were looking up at their parents.  They took their read on the situation from their parents.  Such a great reminder that in times like these our kids are taking their cues from us.  It may be a challenging time right now but it is also an amazing opportunity.   An opportunity to live out your faith in God where they can see and learn.  May God bless you with his strength and wisdom in these days. 

Resources of the Week

Melissa's Pick

For several years, my kids and I have loved listening to audio-books. Whenever we are driving, they ask to listen to a book. While we have been at home, we have found it relaxing and enjoyable to listen to a book, while crafting, colouring, building or doing other activities. Some of our favourites have been the Narnia series, Pilgrims Progress, A Wrinkle in Time, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and many more.
You can find lots of free books to stream on the Hoopla app (requires library card), the Libby app (requires library card) and Audible (normally requires paid subscription, but is currently free for kids literature)!
Abrielle's Pick
This week I'm super excited to be sharing PAOC's new Sunday school curriculum with you! This curriculum has activities and crafts for every week, along with a parent guide for curriculum, and videos! It's super easy to navigate, and it's super easy to choose a lesson that works for you. It's not a weird curriculum to jump right into, because it's focused on characters of the Bible- you don't have to go in any particular order, really!