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My devotional today told of how Paul called out healing for a lame man who was listening to his teaching.  Luke recounts the story saying,

“Paul looked directly at him, saw that he had faith to be healed and called out, “Stand up on your feet!” At that, the man jumped up and began to walk.” (Acts 14:9-10).

In child-like honesty I asked God, “Where are the healings like that around here?”  I share this with transparency because in this month we are teaching our children – your children – that Jesus is our healer.  The study of the scriptures leads us without controversy to this conclusion.  Yet if we are to be truly honest – it is a truth that we constantly strive to reconcile to our experience. 

     The scriptures call families to proclaim the revelation of God every day and in every way.  When we lie down, when we get up, when we eat our meals and when we journey down the street.  Jesus, our healer – is that truth.  When we need a healing we invite our kids to pray with us.  When our neighbour needs a healing, we call them to prayer.  When one of their friends is injured, diseased or sick – we join them in praying to Jesus.  How do we stay true to this even when we do not see an immediate miracle? 

       Paul looked at the man and saw that he had faith!   That’s why he called it out.  The man was enthralled with the stories being told of Jesus and the great thing he has accomplished for us and was literally leaning in to it.  Therein lies the key for us:  keeping the focus on awesome Jesus.  Reminding of the many healings that did occur instantaneously and the many that came by way of translation into the heavenlies.  By directing them not to the result of the moment but to the Jesus who is with us in the moment. 

    Jesus taught only two stories on the topic of prayer and both direct us to the same focus:  Pray and never give up.  Our God knows how to give good gives to those who ask him and we must simply lean in and believe.  Lean in with anticipation for what he will do in answer to our prayers.  I pray for you this month that you’ll enjoy the privilege of leading your kids, your family , in prayer to the Jesus who heals. 

May God give you faith.