About Us

As of the summer of 2016 we are now 1 Church on 2 sites.  Ladner & Steveston.

We are a group of people banded together by a common faith experience.   There was a distinct awareness that there was much more to this life than the here and now. More than accumulating wealth and then losing it all in death.  Our common experience is that we met Jesus, discovered he was a real presence in this world and in knowing him our life has been transformed.  It is truly good news.  Our gatherings are places where we continue to embrace the EXPERIENCE of knowing God in a deeply personal way.  Our ministries are designed to EQUIP us to know God more and to honour him with our lives.  Together we are compelled by God's love to ENGAGE our world so that others can be encouraged, lifted up and aware of the good news themselves.

For those looking for more specific traits to identify us we are...

  • Contemporary in our practice of faith
  • a strong family oriented church with lots of young kids
  • deeply committed to the Bible as the authority in our lives.
  • Affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada <<visit their site>>