I'm New

We make the assumption that you are checking out this website because you are considering connecting with us.  It could well be that you are an extreme extrovert or seasoned church goer who's just moved into the area and all you require is the start time of the service and you'll be here with bells on.  :)   Good on you.  For the majority, however, we envision you approaching this with more caution and with perhaps even some apprehension.  Please let us put you to ease:  We work hard to help people connect at a level and pace with which they are comfortable.  We won't point you out if you drop in to one of our services.  We will provide an amazing space for your children.  We won't inundate you with offers or try and rope you into anything.  We have a saying around here:  "Life's a journey, we can help."  This means we recognize that it is your spiritual journey and you are in the drivers seat for where it goes.  

Our recommendations:

  • Drop in on one of our Sunday services.  Arrive about 5 - 10 minutes early to orient yourself and come in casual, relaxed apparell and simply take it in.  We do a lot of singing, we greet each other, and we collect a financial offering but you will be free to participate to the degree you are comfortable.
  • To take it a little further...choose one of our Equip events or Ministry events and join in there.  Typically this involves less people and a smaller setting and a chance for you to connect with a few people in a comfortable manner.
  • If you have more specific needs or concerns then we would recommend you call the office and arrange to meet with one of our staff mid-week to help work through your concerns.  These are often about our particular doctrinal beliefs but at times they have helped people with unique circumstances.

Some frequently asked questions:

Q. I have a special needs member in my family, can I bring them?

  • Absolutely.  It may be helpful for you to come first and check out the environment and talk to some of the staff but we have a few people with special needs and we have been able to successfully include them in our community life.

Q. What do you offer for my kids?

  • We have a staff member and a great team of volunteers who provide supportive environments for our kids to flourish spritually.  The main part of that ministry happens concurrent to our main service so bring the kids and let them check it out.   If your kids are nervous and would prefer to stay with you in our main auditorium that is O.K..  For more info on our kids ministry check out ourSuperstar Kid's ministry page.

Q.  Is there parking available on site?

  • Yes, we have parking onsite.  The first lot as you enter the property from Ladner Trunk Rd and a second lot in the back behind our facility.  In addition to this, there is usually room on 55B street if we have a particularly large attendance (ie: Easter, Christmas and special events).

Q.  Is the facility handicap accessible?

  • Yes.  The main entrance on the front is nearest to the handicap parking stalls and is completely friendly for handicap access.  All other access and egress points are also wheelchair friendly.    The sanctuary seating is made up of rows of chairs so the ushers would be happy to create space as needed for your participation.