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In early Christianity the followers of Christ would prepare their hearts and souls for the celebration of the easter services. As with all things the tradition grew and eventually a 40 day period of preparation was established and became known in the Christian world as "Lent".  While we, as Pentecostals, do not feel obligated to the 'church' calendar we do recognize the value in practicing certain seasons in the rhythm of life.  So this year we invite you to join together for special challenge of devotional reading through Lent.  We are offering two resources in support.

1. The Daily Office:   An 8 week devotional guide by Peter Scazzero with twice a day readings.

2. Devoted: Devotions for an All In Marriage.  A collection of readings from some of the top marriage experts in North America.


Limited copies are available so sign up on this super simple registration page:  >>CLICK HERE<<