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Everyone is welcome to come this Easter and celebrate with us.  Our Good Friday service is focused on the Passion of Christ and his death on the cross.  Central to the service is the taking of communion emblems together.  Then we all head home and after a a couple days of reflection we gather again on Sunday morning to celebrate the triumph of Christ:  His resurrection from the dead.  This event centers around the singing of jubilent songs of praise to our living God and the release of joy that is found in the hope that so great a resurrection provides.

Good Friday - 10 am.  (no children's services)

Easter Sunday - 9:30 am (full children's services available).


Also this Easter you are welcome to head to Steveston to the HUB at 3551 Moncton street for an artist gallery of reflective pieces on the stations of the Cross.  Friday afternoon 3 - 6 pm (drop in style).