At Lighthouse Church we affirm that…

  • COVID-19 is a serious virus with life-threatening potential to those who are infected.
  • Wearing a proper mask properly reduces the risk of a person spreading the virus.
  • Fully Vaccinated people are much less likely to spread the virus and much less likely to experience severe symptoms if infected.
  • Washing hands regularly and using hand sanitizers is helpful to prevent catching the virus.
  • It is a Christ-like response to limit one’s freedoms out of respect and kindness to others.
  • Our Church leadership have a responsibility to take reasonable measures to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 at our gatherings.


  • No one exhibiting symptoms should attend gatherings.*
  • All adults and youth are required to wear a mask AT ALL TIMES in the building.
  • A minimum of 1 chair between people who are not from the same household.  Individuals and/or households are free to arrange closer seating so long as both fully agree.  
  • Do not linger at or near the refreshment tables.
  • Try and find open spaces for connecting with others and not overly crowd one area.  Be respectful of volunteers who may ask you to move.
  • Limit of 50% capacity.


  • Masks at all times
  • Events larger than 50 people require proof of vaccination for those age 12 & over.
  • Maintain appropriate distance & use readily available hand sanitizers.
  • Do not attend if demonstrating symptoms.


  • No restrictions


To further mitigate the risk the Church leadership will…

  • Ensure that the facility is cleaned before gatherings
  • Provide easy access to hand sanitizer
  • Provide masks for those who forget to bring their own
  • Post the protocols clearly and remind people consistently.
  • Ensure that the air is effectively exchanged and purified in the auditorium
  • Continue to provide a streaming option to serve those who cannot attend in person

* feeling unwell with Covid 19, Flu/Cold, like symptoms  (eg. fever, runny nose, headache, coughing, sore throat, loss of smell and taste, tired and achy muscles!)