Our Beliefs

As members of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada we subscribe to a common statement of fundamental and essential truths.  To view them in detail you can visit the PAOC Website or send a request to the Church office and we'll send you a copy.  

But if you would like the paraphrased version; We Believe:

  • That God created the heavens and earth and all of nature
  • That God is One, yet inexplicably simultaneously existing as three distinct persons: The Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit (The doctrine of the Trinity)
  • That Jesus Christ became human through the work of the Spirit and the virgin birth (Christmas story) and after ministering on this earth he died on a cross as an payment for the sin of all mankind (Easter story). He rose from the dead and returned to heaven where he is now with the Father awaiting the completion of God's plan.
  • That God has made himself known through his creation in general but in specifics through the Bible.  A collection of books from various people who were moved upon by God in a special way to record stories, teachings, songs, and correspondence that all together give us all we need to know about God and how to live with/for him.
  • That people are inherently sinful and separated by their sin from the relationship with God that he had designed us to have.  Therefore there is void in all people that is only filled by God and is attained by applying Christ's sacrifice to our lives through a prayer of confession and a submission to God.  Some people call it 'getting saved' and others being 'born again' but in any case it is a moment of decision made to become a follower of Christ.
  • That God sent his Holy Spirit to empower his people both to live within his design and to accomplish his will on earth.  A power that has its greatest expression in love and acts of service.
  • That one day God will declare an end to the destruction and suffering that has resulted from our sinfulness and he will send Jesus to those who have become his followers to live forever with him in Heaven