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Week FOUR! Crazy to think that we've been doing life like this for a month now. But we're going strong!
We're back with another week of "For Our Kids". Today, another devotion from Danny, and a couple more resource highlights from your children's workers! Enjoy:)

Danny's Devo

The Sound of Parenting

The Sound of Music is a classic film that pits two ‘parenting’ styles against each other.  Georg knows a lot about leadership from his experience as a naval captain and applies that to his home.  Maria knows a lot about relationships and the inner-world and when she brings that into the house chaos erupts.  Parenting is truly a form of leadership and what Capt. Von Trapp brought wasn’t necessarily wrong but it was simply wrong as a default standard.  Good leadership must adapt to both the context and the person.  Right now, your circumstances may have changed in your home.  Therefore your leadership approach (your parenting) may need to adjust along with it.  My recommendation to you is to create a structure - Capt. Von Trapp style - for each and every day but include within that structure fun, relationship time - Sister Maria style.  Kids will generally balk at structure (as they so often do with anything you say) but if you are consistent (a critical feature to avoid anger) they will catch on and everyone’s life will be the better for it.  Melissa shares an example of the structure she has created.  It shouldn’t be implemented in all families like a template but it should spark some ideas on what structure you could set up.  Many of you may even bring in the whole family and work on the structure together.  

Resources of the Week

Melissa's Pick

BrainPOP is a fun educational website for kids to explore any topic. It's a great resource for in home learning, and there's something interesting for every kid! (Sign in required) 

Abrielle's Pick
Family 5 is a fantastic, versatile app for parents looking for help with parenting across the board. The app is made to encourage family-oriented goal setting and habit building, and has a bunch of great activities and situation guides you can check out! Click on the link to learn more and/or download:)