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Welcome to the very first weekly blog "For Our Kids"! In each one of these blogs, we will be highlighting a couple of great resources for you to use throughout the week as well as giving you and your family a little word of encouragement! You can expect a new post every Thursday afternoon:) 


Danny's Devotion

Forced Family Fellowship.

I recall times growing up when the electricity would go out and we’d be sitting around trying to figure out what to do.  Often times it ended up with us sitting around the table and playing games or interacting with each other in ways we seldom found.  This COVID-19 time feels a little like that.  Like a giant snow day when we all get to stay home (Except on a snow day one feels guilt-free for doing nothing and anticipates getting back to normal within a day or two).  We may be struggling to embrace this moment because our minds are off into the distant future wondering what shape it will take.  My hope and prayer for you as families is that you press into the moments and make something of them.  Your kids will one day look back on this time and they will describe the whole situation in one or two sentences.  What would you like those one or two sentences to be?  Will it be, “I remember when there was this big crisis thing and my mom was always stressing out on us and we couldn’t go anywhere or even hang out with our friends!!”   Or will it be, “I remember when there was this big crisis thing and it went on forever but my dad and mom got to be home a lot more and we played so many games. it was actually pretty cool!”   If you determine in your mind and with your spouse which way you want that to play out then it will guide you in how you shape the next few weeks.  Like it or not, they are going to be home for a few weeks more!   But don’t worry, you got this!  You are a mom or a dad and you have superpowers.  Besides, if you don’t do it perfectly your kids won’t actually know anyway.  :)

Stay safe • Stay calm • God’s here.

Pastor Danny

Resources of the Week

Brittany's Pick

My favorite so far has been the combination of “Bible Adventures” on YouTube and the Bible for Kids app. They work cooperatively and are interactive both with the video and the app. The worship songs in the videos are super catchy and fun to listen to and they come with actions which are easy to follow.

Abby's Pick

Of course, I don't have kids myself, but I do have young cousins (and perhaps a young mind:). I've been on the hunt for some fun resources this week, and one really nice one that I've found is Mission Church's Sunday school program! They have options for all ages, and each video includes a time of worship and a lesson. For the younger kids, there's dancing in the videos too! Check it out here: 


Have a great week everyone!

Of course, feel free to share these resources with friends and family if you find them useful. If you know of any other great resources, you can aslo feel free to email me at

See you next week!