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Hello everyone! Hope you have all been having a fantastic week:) It was great to hear some GOOD news this week- as I'm sure you know, restrictions will be easing off in these upcoming days! As such, we're figuring out what church will be looking like going forward; keep an eye out for updates! Things might soon be changing.

For now, however, we still have this blog for you!! You know the drill:)

Danny's Devo

BEING a parent

We have been working on refreshing the wording of our denomination’s doctrinal statements and there was some discussion about the wording of the Spirit’s work in our life in our witnessing.  In the end we moved away from the activity of witnessing and focused on our whole being as a witness. We are empowered by the Spirit not just to DO witnessing activities but to BE a witness. Reminded me of the dual nature of your role as a parent. There are certainly many skills you need to develop for the activity of parenting but it is not a task you can do for 8 hours a day plus have weekends off. It flows from the nature of who you are.  I pray that you will be empowered with wisdom for what to do in given situations with our kids but even more I pray that you be empowered to BE a dad or mom who is bold and loving and courageous.

Resource of the Week

Abrielle's Pick

 This week I would encourage you to check out Focus on the Family's activity page for kids! It has a bunch of cool ideas of what to do with your kids if you're starting to run out of ideas at all:) There are educational activities, games, downloadable kits, and even a free streaming service! Definitely worth checking out.


That's all for this week! I hope next week finds you well in peace and joy, and you find some great time with your family. Enjoy the sun today! Until next time.